Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bing Rewards points to cash

I've been using my script Bing Rewards Automation for quite a while as of now. I had around 2000 points honestly earned by the script. It was time to find a good use for those. I was about to make an Amazon purchase that day.

Everything a Bing! Rewards program member can redeem can be found here (you need to be signed in to Bing! to see the right page). $3 and $5 Amazon.com gift cards are among the list. $5 card costs 475 reward points with 50 points gold discount.

I didn't know how all this would work out, so I ordered one $5 card. The result page said the card will be sent within 24 hours. I ordered the second card of the same value immediately. Next day my inbox showed two gift cards:

That was cool. Here is one other cool thing I didn't know about Amazon.com. You can apply a number of gift cards to one purchase:

All that helped me to save $10 on the purchase. Not that much, but remember that you do nothing while the script earns you money.

The current status is you can earn up to 30 points on search each day being a gold member, plus 1 point on a one click - 1 point link. To get to 475 points which is the price of $5 Amazon gift card you need to run the script for 475 / 31 = 16 days. Wow, that's roughly $10 a month :). Let's put it this way - those are free money. You don't have to work to get them. Plus you may want to join sweepstakes program with a possibility to win XBox or 100 000 points or whatever else Bing! is gonna think out.

Read the first article to find some hints how to schedule a job which is run automatically every day.
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