Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bing! Rewards Automation for everyone - proxy support

Late announcement is better than no announcement at all. Bing! Automation Rewards Script finally has a proxy support as of version 3.4 and as of version 3.4.4 multiple proxy protocol support was introduced.

What does all that mean to me?

Scenario # 1

As per Bing! Rewards policy
Only U.S. residents (50 U.S. States and D.C.) are eligible to join Bing Rewards.
We are not talking about breaking the rules here, but what if some of us, US residents, have to go overseas? Bing! policy doesn't say anything about that situation. However you may find yourself unable to participate in Bing! Rewards program (read, earn points) if you try to access Bing! from outside of the country.

Scenario # 2

What if you just access the Internet from behind a proxy? Bing! Rewards Automation may refuse to work.


You will not have such problems any more - a proxy support was introduced. Do a little bit of research to find a good suitable proxy server. Try to find one which supports HTTPS. If you are a really advanced user, you may want to craft one yourself.

After you are done with identifying which proxy is the best for you, open config.xml of Bing! Rewards Automation Script in your favorite editor and add these lines:

      - Note: login and password are optional
      -       if not set, the proxy is considered open
      -       only Basic HTTP Authentication is currently supported
      -       protocols: a comma separated list of values - i.e, "http,https" -->

    <proxy protocols="http,https" url="" login="John Smith" password="xxx" />

url can either be a DNS hostname, or an IP address. In both cases it may be followed by port number delimited with a colon.

After you finish this easy set up, you are ready to start earning Bing! Reward Points from any location in the world. Don't forget to exchange the points to gift certificates after you earn enough :).

Happy Binging!

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  1. Hey, I'm sorry if this is answered before but I tried looking up almost all posts. I'm a windows user and followed your first post and have setup the automation script. I have also changed the account to reflect my live account but I keep getting the below error. any idea how do i fix this ?
    python -h
    2014-05-18 01:37:34.2 - script started
    ConfigError: Corresponding account is not found for EVENTS.ACCOUNT.ref = []

  2. see Section (optional) EVENTS.ACCOUNT.
    Hint - I suspect is not your account

  3. Thanks for the help. The script was working fine for a couple of days and suddenly it started with this new error. Any idea ?

    2014-05-29 00:51:51.2 - script started

    For: Live -


    The system cannot find the path specified.

    1. you can monitor the status of the issue on the project GitHub page -

  4. Great! Is the proxy setting global or can we set a different proxy per account in config.xml?