Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Troubleshooting Bing! Rewards Automation

Many people have issues with the script which are relatively easy to understand. Some of the examples include (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). The questions are very similar in nature and in most situations if something like this happens to you, you may save your time explaining me in vague form how "strangely the script works" and you may save my time pointing you to the same steps to troubleshoot the problem. This page is designed to troubleshoot the issue yourself as far as you can.

Steps to understand

  • What script version do you use?
    $ --version
    $ git pull
  • To understand the retries you should start from the project page, where it says:
    *) Bing! Rewards Automation version 3.0 (added events support - notifications and retries)
    *) Configuration for Bing! Rewards Automation script
  • If Bing! Rewards Automation Script prints no stack trace, but you have a very strong feeling that something exceptional happens, try to comment events section in your config.xml temporarily. That also may help if you see the message like this:
    For account xxx:
    And then goes nothing after that.
  • The script supports PC Searches and Mobile searches. To see if this happens for the mobile searches or the PC searches you should check the last corresponding message, it should say Running mobile searches or Running PC searches.
  • If the script emits:
    The System Cannot Find the Path Specified.
    Like in this case, that means you can resolve the issue yourself.
  • Note that if you abuse Bing! by doing your searches one after another with no delay, Bing! will ban you.

I don't get it

If after running the above steps you can't figure out what's happening, open an issue on the GitHub project page. The issue must include
  • The message:
    I have tried the troubleshooting guide and here is what I get
  • Bing! Rewards Automation Script version
  • Python version
  • OS type
  • On what type of searches that happens: PC / Mobile / All
  • Stack trace
  • Steps to reproduce